четверг, 2 декабря 2010 г.

Anna October for Atelier1 Collectif

fashion Dasha Lagenberg
photo Alina Berezenko
hair stylist Theo Dekan
model Anna Saminina (L-MODELS)

Anna October develops the ideas embodied in the resort/2011 collection "Bionics". She creates clothing using the principles connecting to the living forms in nature, clothing as a capsule, which is a continuation of human nature.
Clothing from Anna October capsule collection for Atelier 1 Collectif is a unique product. The garment was produced using mainly  manual labor. Some models are presented as a single edition. Mathematically exact tailoring, handmade stitching, silk lining, carefully designed details underline the special approach to each piece.
The collection confirms the main idea of the brand
which is to create garments with a message. Each client feels and interprets these messages in her own way. The collection uses only natural high-quality fabrics and yarns, which are chosen according to the theme of the collection. Materials similar to natural textures. Wild silk - a natural rough stone, faux fur - moss, black wool and baby mohair - the coals. The muse of the collection lives in harmony with herself and nature. Totally closed front garment emphasizes the isolation of inner peace, detachment from the bustle. Garments are not a cult for the muse, it is an extension of her personality, harmonizing the ritual of getting dressed as part of her existence.

Anna October capsule collection was created for ATELIER 1 concept store as a part of Atelier 1 Collectif project. 

Atelier 1
(Kiev, blvd Shevchenko,10)

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  1. first jumpsuits are perfect! how can i get them if i'm in moscow?

  2. Аня!
    Эта коллекция просто великолепна. Поздравляю!

  3. Спасииибо)))))
    мне пока непривычно, что тут начали появляться коментарии, поэтому я отвечаю через месяц;)

  4. the pictures look really fantastic- clothes and styling a beautiful, complete vision.
    where can we find your clothes?